Cindy Neuschwander

Mummy Math

“Woo hoo!” cheered Matt Zills. “We’re going to Egypt! I want to explore pyramids and see mummies!”

“I’m going to learn how to read hieroglyphics so I can unlock the mysteries of the tomb!” said his twin sister, Bibi.

Matt and Bibi’s parents were famous scientists. Their family had been invited to Egypt to help find the mummy of an ancient pharaoh.

Dr. Zagazig, the archeologist, greeted them when they arrived at the site. The pyramid was magnificent.

“This tomb is a complete mystery,” said Dr. Zagazig. “We can’t find the burial chamber anywhere.”

”So the secrets of the pharaoh still await us!” said Dr. Zills eagerly. “Let’s go!”

Matt, Bibi, and their dog, Riley, crawled through the tiny opening first. FWUMP! A secret door closed behind them.

“HELP!” yelled Matt. “We’re locked in and they’re locked out!”

“What should we do?” wondered Bibi.

“Let’s go find the mummy. What else can we do? said Matt bravely.”

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