Cindy Neuschwander

Amanda Bean’s
Amazing Dream

I am Amanda Bean and I love math. I know all about counting. I am very good at it. I can count by ones, twos, fives, and tens. I can add up anything. The kids at school call me Bean Counter.

“Hey! What are you counting, Bean Counter?” they yell.

“Anything and everything!” I yell back. “I just like to know how many.”

I count every day, even when I am on my way home from school.

Now we are learning about multiplying. I understand many things about multiplying. What I do not know are the multiplication facts. My teacher says it is important to learn these. I am not so sure. I think I can just keep counting. I tell my teacher this. He agrees, but he says counting is a longer way to find the same answer.

Selected Works

Math Fiction
Mummy Math
Twins Matt and Bibi Zills visit Egypt to find the mummy of an ancient pharaoh.
Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream
“Multiplication is introduced in a simple story about an African-American girl who loves to count.”
--School Library Journal
Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Stone
Radius and Vertex search for Edgecalibur, the sword King Arthur has hidden in a geometric solid.